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9th graders on design: To make a product that fits a demand.

“A designer makes a product that fits a demand. However, an artist does whatever he feels connected to”, Christoffer explains. “So maybe a designer is much more specific to one person or a group of people, whereas an artist can see art in many different ways.”

Gustav mentions Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci as designers. “We also had a discussion about what qualifies a person as a designer,” Christoffer says. “Obviously there is quite a difference between Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci, but still it is kind of the same thing. It shows how much things have changed.” Frederik adds, “I would say that designers are all creative in their own way. Every designer is different.”

Ninth grade design class students will “probably have more responsibility,” Christoffer thinks. “If COVID hadn't happened, we were going to design the library and help rearrange it. I remember I thought that is quite a bit of responsibility. We tried to figure out some sound fixes, but it also has to fit in with the theme. Obviously it's easy to put a wall there and fix it, but it doesn’t look nice.”

Christoffer, Gustav, and Frederik are hoping to continue their work on the library design this year. We are excited to see what they create.