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Our 900 students speak 60 languages, and on average, our students speaks 2.5 languages.

We don’t have a translation of our manifesto into every language spoken in our community, but the list is growing – see below.

Our 900 students have 1,100 passports. Most of the students with two passports are Danish+, which is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is that although only 238 students have Danish passports, 357 of our students speak Danish.

Spanish is spoken by 164 of our students.

German is spoken by 134 students

Hindi is spoken by 27 students in our community

Japanese is spoken by 16 students

Greek is spoken by 15 students

Hebrew is spoken by 14 students

Korean is spoken by 9 students

Macedonian is spoken by 5 students

Serbian is spoken by 3 students, and they use both the Cyrillic (below) and Latin alphabets (further below)

Punjabi is also spoken by our students, but we don’t know exactly how many speak it