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Editor’s Letter

By Freya Constable

The safety and security of those around us are vitally important. No matter the differences that human beings possess, this should be a commonality between all of us. Difference of opinion is a positive thing in many aspects of our society, but when the sake of not only one person, but a population, comes into threat, pushing those contrasting views aside is something that has to be done. Even though threats may not able be seen when you walk outside, morality and compassion come greatly into any issue regarding the safety of others. Just in this year alone, I have counted too many population-threatening situations. Of course, one is too many but we live in a society where these things are normalized. We look away when the situation is not in front of us. But this world is not that small. The lives we lead are not that different. However, it is the privilege that some of us which is the main difference and can be the main way that we can help those in need. Educate yourself on current events that are not only in your country and think about the issue from their perspective and not from the perspective of the life you lead now. One voice standing up is greater than none at all so don’t think that it doesn’t matter. Just as your voice matters, other’s lives do too. Below are some links to further educate yourself on the important and threatening events of today. 

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Editor Freya Constable