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Our students focus on academics as well as the personal and learning skills needed to be contributing members of a community.

We believe that building relationships is important for children, and that this inspires academic and personal excellence.  Key to learning is a partnership between students and supportive adults – it is this partnership that creates a sense of belonging and philosophy that all students can be successful given the right tools and conditions.

Our students continue to cultivate the development of lifelong learners. Our program provides students with stimulating and challenging learning experiences, both inside the classroom and associated activities. Students participate in a broad range of subjects with the opportunity to develop their personal skills, including  physical, technical, literacy, numerate, creative, and experiential. Our goal is to provide every student with the opportunity for personal success through exploration and self-reflection.  


Learning by doing: Our students get hands-on experience with different academic subjects.
Our inclusive approach makes students the best learners they can be.
Your child will learn from experienced international educators specialised in their subject area.