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More than books: Our librarians help us promote curiosity, critical thinking and a love of reading

Our library supports our mission to develop the potential of each learner by offering educational excellence in a stimulating environment of cultural diversity and mutual respect. Our specialized and service-minded staff is happy to help students, teachers and parents find what they need or get inspired.

Our impressive collection of around 20,000 items has something good in store for each and everyone: Our selection includes fiction and non-fiction books in many languages, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and electronic resources such as EBSCO, Britannica School, JSTOR, BrainPop, FLIPSTER and Ordbogen.

Our library is not open to the public, but it is available to everybody within our community.

20,000 items and counting: Our collection is impressive in terms of quantity, quality and variety.
Our helpful and expert librarians teach us all how to find and use information effectively.
In the heart of our school, our library lets us access ideas from far-away cultures and centuries.