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We support the social and emotional development of our students and improve their academic skills.

We recruit our teachers from all over the world for primary school to ensure the best setting for your child. Our teachers are the best in their individual fields and are devoted to teaching your child to become an inquirer, be creative, work individually, and in groups. 

Our students learn through play and we value time spent on the playground. It is our experience that students learn necessary skills such as listening, sharing, and collaborating through play and creative tasks, not only academic learning. 

Our primary students learn the value of contributing from an early age. We teach them what they can do to help change this world for the better through our curriculum, field trips and other projects.

We encourage students to partake in our afterschool activities such as sports, drama and visual arts. These classes allow them to find their individual interest in subjects outside academics, which we believe are important in the creation of a well-rounded person. 

Our whole-child approach: Where every child matters.
We encourage our students to be responsible both academically and socially.
Our children have a great sense of belonging and community.