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We create a nurturing environment that inspires a love of learning in our students. 

Our program cultivates joyful learning experiences which lead to the development of lifelong learners. We incorporate play into the program because it teaches our students social skills such as being respectful, making friends, collaborating and self-regulation. Play also teaches literacy skills and expands their vocabulary through storytelling and imaginative dialogue.

We have well equipped classrooms, shared open spaces, a safe rooftop playground and a greenhouse which serves as an outdoor classroom. Our learning spaces are developmentally appropriate and we design them to be open ended, inviting and to pose learning challenges. 

Our partnership with parents provides care and support for our students’ learning. We build community through our  interactions and collaborative learning activities with parents. These relationships and experiences help promote a sense of belonging and community, which is at the heart of our program. 

We accept children from the age of 3.
Our small class sizes help children thrive.
We teach Danish in all grades beginning in Kindergarten.