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Students learn in a positive environment that meets their current needs and prepares them effectively for their future  educational and career choices. 

The International Baccalaureate programs are  the perfect fit for students who want to learn a demanding and diverse curriculum in an international environment. We are proud of our students’ excellent examination results and believe that the International Baccalaureate programs contributes to this high standard. 

Our students establish diverse activities such as sports and debate clubs outside the classroom. They discuss global issues such as poverty, equal rights, and environmental issues in these forums. We commend our students for these activities and support their active and ambitious spirit. 

We also host social events for High School students. These events help create a framework where students can socialise outside the classroom. There is great  value in this as students build relationships that last once they have graduated. 



We have dynamic programs of academics and activities.
Our fun, supportive and caring student body welcome newcomers.
Future-proof: Our expert teachers are constantly updating their skills.