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Important Charities in Denmark 

By Sophie Rasmussen

Here are some wonderful non-profit organizations in Denmark that you may not have heard about or are interested in learning more about what they do.


Save The Children, “Red Barnet”

This organization plays a very important role in today’s age of technology and social media as it aims to protect children from being violated and exposed/vulnerable on social media. They encourage you to report inappropriate material of children posted on social media and they have a special service called “Delete it” which helps children that have become victims to online abuse, varying from bullying to grooming, and holds the guilty adults involved accountable.

You can support this organization by donating directly to them, or you can become a volunteer and work with them to aid the children and youth. 


Children’s Rights National Association “Børns Vilkår”

This organization makes a huge difference for the lives of many children in Denmark. They provide aid for children who haven’t been able to live a safe childhood as all children should, and they firmly believe that children deserve the right to safe, loving childhoods. They provide services such as phone calls with responsible adults for children in dangerous living situations and they offer a safe space for children to talk about the issues they are faced with within their lives. They are always there for the children. 

There are many ways you can support them, you can volunteer as an advisor regardless of your education or age or you can become a permanent member. You can also make contributions, monthly or make a one-time donation.

“Kræftens Bekæmpelse” 

This organization dedicates itself to helping to fight cancer, and aim for a better life for people after cancer as well as trying to ensure that more people can survive cancer. They are also trying to encourage the authorities to do more for cancer patients. There are almost 45,000 volunteers for Kræftens Bekæmpelse and their free efforts really do help the cause. They have a very informative website that gives a lot of insight into research going on surrounding cancer treatment and other news regarding the fight against cancer.

You can contribute to aiding this group by donating or purchasing specific products sold from them, whose proceeds go to their cause.



This organization is a Danish-created group, but they have an impact around the world as their goal is to support poorer countries in adapting and developing. For example, they aid the people living in these poor countries before, during and after disasters have occurred. They work in areas such as education, emergency aid, self-help and sustainability. 

You can help by donating, becoming a member or spreading awareness.


Stop Wasting Food, “Stop Spild af Mad”

This is Denmark’s largest cause fighting against food waste. They bring awareness to the impact of food waste and have brought it to the attention of many, which has created some great results. They have worked alongside the Danish government and the UN and have had the support of around 60,000 people.

You can show your support by spreading the message through the use of social media or other influential platforms as an ambassador, and by making an effort in your own life to reduce food wastage.


Danish Red Cross, “Røde Kors”

In Denmark, there are around 35,000 volunteers for the Danish Red Cross, a global organisation that tries to help those suffering and protect human health. They help to implement development and emergency programmes such as disaster management, psychosocial support, community-based health and more. 

You can aid their cause by donating, volunteering or starting fundraisers.

I hope you were able to gain a better understanding of some of these organisation’s goals and how you can encourage their movements and show support.