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Highschool Events

By Amber Weniger


As there are still 2 more months left before summer vacation, the high school has organized a set of events for high schoolers. As the COVID-19 restrictions have lowered, we are back on campus again 50% of the time. Teachers and some clubs have prepared events for students who are back in school such as pizzas for lunch, the Mermaid performance by some students, the Virtual Art Exhibition organized by 12th graders and of course, the exams. There are also the COVID-19 testings at school every week for when each half of the school comes. The testing takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays and is now open for everyone throughout grades 6 to 10, as well as it being mandatory for grades 11 and 12. Also, before the end of school, we will have five more upcoming breaks as there will be Danish Holidays. The last day of school is falling upon June 17th this year and is only a half-day for students where we will say some goodbyes to our peers.

Grade 12 has had some major events and still some coming up. They are now studying and working hard as their IB Diploma Exams are taking place from April 29 – May 20. They are now officially out of school as their last day of school was April 23rd, which gives them plenty of time to study. Let’s wish them lots of luck and a happy graduation that will hopefully take place on June 4th seeing as COVID-19 is still around.

On April 16th and 17th there was a virtual performance ‘Mermaid’. Mermaid was about a young teenager Blue living in the seaside town with her family. One Friday night Blue was scrolling through Instagram, feeling alone and cut off from her friends as they were out partying. Blue begins to tell a story that plumbs the mysterious depths of the oceans and creates a wondrous, far off kingdom. In this play, there are three protagonists, Blue, Prince and Mermaid, in three worlds, where they strike out on their paths of self-discovery. The director of this play was Mr Chapman. The cast consisted of 9th to 12th grade, so don’t forget to congratulate them. Some of your classmates or friends might have been in the play: Sophia B., Isabel C., Camila F., Eva G. as Little Mermaid, Sage H., Tania H. as Blue, Audrey I. as the prince, Will M., Roumpini M., Simon P., Joséphine S. and Isobel W.

On April 28th from 16:00 until 17:30, there was a Virtual Art Exhibition by the 12th graders. The exhibition was the final showcase of the final exam works of our school’s Diploma Programme for Visual Arts students. If you didn’t see the Art Exhibition it is now available on the school website. Click here to view Grade 12 Art Exhibition.

Also, on the 28th of April, it was Denim Day. As you may have seen, RSJU and GSA have spread posters around the towers to raise awareness. Denim Day is an international event that encourages people to wear jeans or denim to spread awareness of sexual assault and show support, to people that have been sexually assaulted or violated. “There is no excuse and never an invitation to rape”. If you would like to know more about Denim Day check out this website and go spread awareness and show support too.