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High School Clubs

By Amber Awino Weniger

High School; the last few years before we go off to colleges and universities. It may be frustrating these days in quarantine, with a lot of school work on our minds and constantly sitting at our computers. But when schools will soon open and we will be able to go back to campus hopefully our after school activities will continue along with that. Let’s look at the myriad of clubs that were registered at the beginning of the school year, including the CAS projects.



Run by student: Freya Constable

Description: The Newspaper was opened just recently, and is a student-led high school newspaper that writes about student life as well as things happening outside of school. When we get back, the members will have a chance to interview students and teachers. The club now consists of only five 9th grade students and is open to include more members. To join the team, if you have any questions or want an opportunity to share a story then contact Freya at 24fc14@cis.dk.


Student Council (STUCO)

Run by students: Ebba, Nour and Samyukta

Description: The Student Council is a group of elected students from grades 9-12 that represent the voice of the student body. At the start of the year, they had made a document of goals they wanted to achieve and at each meeting discussed how they would achieve them. But now as we are under lockdown in online learning, they are working on engaging with the students through a STUCO Instagram platform. This is truly a special club because they all speak only on the behalf of all of the high school students community, so if you have any ideas or questions, DM or email one of the representatives which consists of Nour Makhlof, Samyukta Varanasi, Anwita Karanth, Sem Makonnen, Tania Hingorani, Tarang Dalela, Tanishqa Swamy, Saga Bergholm, Dmitriy Genchev, Robert Jacob and Alice Meregalli.

Business and Finance club 

Run by students: Emil, Alexander, Oskar and Leonhard

Description: The club was created on the shared interest of business and particularly the stock market. If you join it allows all members to feel that they wanted a club that could allow them to explore the ins and outs of the stock market whilst learning skills that can prove valuable once they finish school. Clubs aim is to achieve this through weekly meetings, paper trading and a shared capital contributed by members of our group which will be invested into the real market. From this club, you can gain knowledge about various factors which may affect the market and how to take advantage of these factors. Looking forward the aim is to bring an external company into CIS with creating a permanent club that can provide students with an interest in business, finance and the stock market the opportunity to learn about it in an environment where there is loads of room for exploration and discussion.


Team Peru 

Run by a teacher and a student: Mrs Wykes and Petra C.

Description: Team Peru’s purpose is to provide financial support for disabled children in Peru. In Team Peru they raise funds by organizing different charity events like fund runs, children birthday parties, book readings and so much more other things. During the lockdown and the Covid 19 restrictions, it has been difficult to raise the funds. If you feel interested in joining this club and help them contribute they would gladly welcome new members.

Comics Club 

Run by teachers: Mr McLaughlin and Mr Hindrichsen 

Description: In the comics club, which for now has had about 5-6 sessions on Fridays during lunchtime, where they work on drawing and various projects. They want to pursue this club more in the future but now because of lockdown, it’s currently on standby. If the club will be worth resuscitating they would be honoured to have you join.

Film and Photography Club 

Run by students: Jakob and Finn

Description: The film and photography club will be a club open to many possibilities of learning in terms of film and photography. Members will be instrumental in setting up what the club is going to explore, from nature photography to the nuances of cinematography. In the club, you will watch and analyse pieces of film, analyse photography and even produce your own pieces of film or photography. The club works even during lockdown and so if there is any more information or questions just contact them.


GSA Club (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) 

Run by students: Audrey and Roumpini

Description: The Gender & Sexuality Alliance club at CIS aims to educate the CIS community on LGBTQ+ issues, support the LGBTQ+ community in the school, and create a safer, tolerant and more open environment at CIS. At club meetings, they discuss topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. If you feel interested in joining the club you can visit their website right here or email the leaders.


Yearbook Club 

Run by student: Ellie Adams

Description: The Yearbook club is run by a student in 10th grade. Within this club, you help construct the CIS yearbook and give high school students a platform that creatively expresses us as high schoolers. The club consists of different jobs such as photography, graphic design, and writing. If you are interested in any of these jobs you can consider joining the club next year. If you have more questions about the club contact the leader.


SOS Club 

Run by students: Roumpini and Simon 

Description: The SOS club at CIS is a service club working together with SOS Børnebyerne in order to raise awareness and funds to support the education of underprivileged kids around the world. They hope to have a lockdown event where the club members create webinars and put them on a website in order to encourage people to donate money. Hopefully, when campus will open up for high schoolers, they hope to do more events and school programs to raise. If you are interested in joining our club and supporting this cause or you need a little more information contact the leaders.


East Asia Culture Club 

Run by students: Dasha and Tessa

Description: The East Asian Culture Club is unusual as they don’t care about the attendance of our members or if you leave early. This club was made for “having fun” so the club is much longer than any other club. There is no set length for how long a club meeting will take place, which means you can come to the meeting whenever and leave when you need to. Those that come can enjoy learning about and engage in East Asian Culture. Some activities are watching C/J/K dramas, listening to C/J/K pop music, watching anime, cooking, dancing, doing origami, singing karaoke, and even just chit-chatting. It’s a great place to find friends with the same interest. If you want to join our club fill this form or if you have more questions please ask the leaders or Mette Trock-Jansen.


RSJU Club (The Racial and Social Justice Union) 

Run by students: Nour, Zach, Vindhya, Wecho

Description: RSJU is a student-led club that aims to ‘Empower allies to take action for racial & social justice and establish a safe forum for the CIS community to take initiative. To achieve this the club has made the following efforts: Reviewing the DP curriculum, Establishing safe forums for students and teachers to discuss sensitive issues relating to racial and social justice, etc. The RSJU is currently composed of 60+ students and teachers and aims to increase the membership. If you are interested and would like to join, they have weekly discussion-based meetings on Fridays at 15:45 or join their current projects run by students on Mondays at 15:45, which include creating and running podcast, reviewing DP, MYP and PYP, engaging the CIS community, creating magazines. So if you feel interested just sign up here.


MUN Club (Model United Nations)

Run by student: Brady

Description: The MUN club is a great place for those who are looking to improve public speaking and collaboration skills as well as looking for debate. You also learn their new vocabulary and terminology and different models of debating procedures. The MUN also hosts the annual CIIMUN conferences in our school sometimes, last year due to Covid 19 it was online. If you feel interested then don’t hesitate to contact the club at munclub@cis.dk.


Theatre Club and Coding Club 

Description: Coding Club was closed last year due to Covid 19 and won’t be restarting by the time we get back to campus. If we won’t get back on campus until the end of the year, there will unfortunately not be a coding club next year as the leader has graduated by then. The Theatre Club is also closed down now due to Covid 19 and is still not sure if it will reopen if we get back to the school’s campus.


GIN Club

Run by student: Vindhya, Ayca and Amelia

Description: Are you passionate about global causes or burning issues you wish to discuss?

The GIN club is the best solution.

At GIN, they create awareness projects on various global issues, in order to educate our school community. 

A recent project they did was creating a vegetarian/vegan cookbook to show you just how easy it can be to lessen the environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable planet! Currently, they are working as a youth involvement group with the World Health Organization to write a report on the effects of school restrictions due to COVID-19. If you are an active social media user then they have an Instagram account and also a website. If you want to join sign up here or contact: 21vk56@cis.dk, 21ad@cis.dk, 22az89@cis.dk or global.issues.network.cis@gmail.com.


Boardgames Club 

Run by students: Mr McLaughlin

Description: The board game club is once a week on Tuesdays for the past 5 years in the Study Room in H314 because their shouting and laughing are so loud from all the fun!. They meet after school to play a range of different games. Sometimes they are fun social deduction games like ‘Secret Hitler’ that are all about bluffing and guessing, sometimes they are strategic games like Diplomacy or Scythe that are all about testing your skills to defeat your opponents. Sometimes people bring games from home that they want. Unfortunately, the club was paused due to Covid 19 but hoping to get back to it soon. The club is open to anyone who wants to come along, you can commit as much or as little time to it as you want.

Green Team

Run by student: Mr D’Andrea and Oliver

Description: The CIS Green Team is a club dedicated to making our school as sustainable as possible. They welcome anyone who has an interest in sustainability. Members can both assist with existing projects and or start new projects. The Green Team is an incredible opportunity for all students, as they can be a part of the positive changes we are working towards. 11th and 12th graders can also use the Green Team as an excellent CAS Experience. If you would like to join or have any questions or ideas email green@cis.dk.


High School News February 2021