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Headlines of February


The second month of this year has already brought us a multitude of news stories. As coronavirus cases continue to rise and fall throughout the world, it is still an important factor in our everyday lives. Major demonstrations have occurred with activists shouting out and demanding justice. 


Coronavirus Updates

On the first day of the month, officials in China have arrested 80 people at the least for their involvement in a fake vaccine ring, where they created more than 3,000 false doses of it. On the third of February, the President of Tanzania issued a statement saying that the vaccine was ‘dangerous’, encouraging the WHO to advise him to ‘listen to the science’. This same day, a WHO group in Wuhan took to the labs where the coronavirus conspiracies started. This is after much pressure from China and other countries to do so. The next day, on the fourth, a group of English scientists claimed that they believe there is another and a more deadly variant of the disease that is currently out in the world. They want to identify it so as to stop it before it attempts to limit the ineffectiveness of it with the vaccine. 


Ebola Outbreak in Guinea

Countries in West Africa are now on alert amidst the new outbreak of Ebola in the country of Guinea. There are, at the very least, seven cases and three deaths so far. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced their support for the country and vaccines will be implemented into the area. We wish nothing but safety for those affected. 


Tensions continue to rise in Russia

On the third day of February, it was agreed that Alexey Navalny has a sentence of two and a half years due to the violation of parole terms. This was decided whilst Navalny was recovering from his poisoning. Another round of protests occurred in objection to this act, with Navalny’s lawyer stating that they plan to appeal the sentence. The man who helped to recover Navalny from the poisoning died suddenly, prompting suspicion through many people. 


Myanmar Coup

On the first day of this month, the military took power in a coup and confined several government officials, including civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. On February 4th, Suu Kyi was issued an arrest warrant on the charges of ‘violating import and export laws.’ The power was bestowed upon the commander-in-chief and the country has now called a year-long state of emergency. That same day, the military blocked the whole of Myanmar from accessing Facebook, which is a main source of news for citizens against the coup. Just two days later, thousands gathered in the streets to demand the release of Suu Kyi. Due to this, the military has instilled an ‘internet blackout’ for the country. The people of Myanmar demand democracy. 


COVID case in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries that have successfully rid of the coronavirus and gone back to normal living. However, after a single case had been reported in the city of Perth in Western Australia, it caused 2 million people to have to go into a 5-day lockdown so as to not spread the case further. Residents of the selected regions were only permitted to go out for essential shopping, medical needs, exercise and non-remote jobs. The measures were put in place after a security guard in his 20s who worked in a quarantined hotel tested positive. 


Captian Tom Moore dies at age 100

Tom Moore was a 100-year-old man that raised millions of pounds to go to the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom during the first lockdown. He raised almost £33 million, which translated to around $45 million by walking around his back garden. From this, he earned a miliary promotion and a knighthood from the Queen. He got a positive coronavirus test on the 22nd of January, after being in the hospital for pneumonia. He then returned to the hospital with breathing problems, where he sadly passed away on the 2nd of February. Many send their condolences to the family, as he affected so many people not only in the last years of his life but also through it all. 


Prince Harry and Meghan agreement with the Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have agreed with the Queen that they will not return as working members of the royal family. Their appointments and patronages that they hold will be revoked and handed over to other members of the family. They have left the United Kingdom to start a life in North America but say that they will still be committed to their duties and that ‘service is universal’. 

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