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Foods with Amazing Health Benefits

By Sophie Rasmussen

Here are some foods that you may not have realised, are super healthy!



These seemingly simple vegetables can have such a positive effect on your health and eating them may protect you from heart disease and high blood pressure; they also prove to be an excellent source of potassium which has an impact on your cardiovascular health. Some of those benefits are due to the fact that avocados are dense in monounsaturated fats. The nutritional profile of avocado makes it worthy of the title of “superfood” as it is dense with vitamin E, potassium and folate among others. Avocados are unsaturated fats that will help your body regenerate cells, and provide your body with energy.



Almonds are some of the healthiest nuts as they contain not only certain healthy fats, but also can reduce blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and can lower cholesterol. Like in avocados, almonds are rich in potassium and vitamin E but also are packed with magnesium. These properties help oxygen flow through your blood system. A study done by PubMed Central in 2005 would indicate that almonds increase the Vitamin E levels in the red blood cells, which are anti-oxidising. Almonds are among many nuts that can help to improve lipid and fat levels in the blood.

Jerusalem artichokes

A less commonly known vegetable that has a variety of interesting properties is the Jerusalem artichoke. Not only are they an excellent source of iron, but they also contain a fiber called “inulin” which can balance out blood sugar in the body. The inulin within the artichoke is a form of prebiotic (a compound) that helps to feed the beneficial bacterias in the gut, which improves one’s immune system.



Broccoli is rich with vitamins; it is packed with vitamins A, K, E and C! It also contains folic acid which is beneficial for aiding the body in producing red blood cells. Potassium, calcium and magnesium can also be provided to your body from a serving of broccoli, and this will help your bones and teeth grow strong, as well as regulating the rhythm of your heart. They also provide a lot of fibre to your diet, which reduces your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.


These sweet berries are so much more than a tasty treat, they also provide your body with a ton of nutrients. Blueberries are super anti-oxidising, meaning that they protect your body from molecules that could possibly damage your other cells. In a study recorded by the National Library of Medicine, some obese patients were seen to have a 4-6 per cent reduction in their blood pressure after having eaten blueberries every day for a designated time period. Another study indicated that blueberries also had properties that could slow mental ageing.


Hopefully, this has given you some insight into which foods you should aim to incorporate into your diet because of their vast health benefits!