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Headlines of May

By Freya Constable

The month of May has come to a close and with the conclusion of it, we hope comes less of the rainy days and some more sun. However, much more pressing matters have covered the papers over the past month. There is great importance within the media to present the important news stories. A lot of the time, however, there are certain topics that may not be getting covered in the larger-scale news. Or, at least, not properly. It is vitally important for us to educate ourselves from reliable sources, such as first-hand accounts, and to present the news as it is. Although we rely upon facts and figures a lot, hearing different perspectives and accounts is also really important. 


Here are some of the important news stories for this month. To learn more about the topic in more depth, remember to follow those with the undisguised and real stories. 


Coronavirus Updates

At the beginning of the month, India’s main opposition party called for a nationwide lockdown with the cases reaching over 20 million. However, the Prime Minister is wary of the worry of economic collapse. India has been hit extremely hard during this time and other areas of South and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal and Sri Lanka are now facing it hard. Nepal’s Prime Minister has had to step down after the second wave. India has begun reporting dead bodies in the Ganges River because of the number of deaths. There is also a shortage of black fungus drugs because of the virus, with such infections being seen a lot amongst Covid patients. A recent study states that in Brazil, 1 in 3 deaths have been the cause of Covid. South America as a continent has seen a spike in cases over the past months with the loosening of restrictions. The Chinese vaccine Sinopharm has been approved by the WHO and has already been given to millions. For ages 12-15, the Pfizer vaccine has been approved by Canada. It has been reported that the Pfizer vaccine can be refrigerated for longer than it was thought, now for one month at the least as opposed to five days. Spain has lifted its curfew, resulting in mass amounts of people in the city. Tanzania’s new Prime Minister has taken a different approach than the previous one, stressing the importance of wearing masks. With the third wave of the virus spreading through overcrowded prisons, Thailand has reported its highest number of deaths. Kenya’s Prime Minister has reported that they are very close to running out of vaccines and less than 2% of the population have received the first dose. 


The Situation in Columbia

Demonstrations started in late April in opposition of a proposed tax reform, with the government announcing that the reform would help lessen the current economic crisis. There was a big police presence as they were ruled to not protest under Covid restrictions. Tear gas was used but also live ammunition, allowing it to escalate. On the 11th of May, it was recorded that 42 people had died, with all but one being civilians. 


Al-Aqsa Mosque Clashes and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On the seventh of May, 163 Palestinians and 6 Israeli officers, at the least, were injured in clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The mosque is a very sacred place and thousands had gathered there to celebrate Ramadan. Rubber bullets were thrown by the officers, with attendees retaliating with bottles and stones. Three days later, 20 people were killed after Israel launched air strikes against the Gaza Strip after rockets were launched into Jerusalem. Another airstrike occured two days later, killing another 35. It is getting incredibly deadly, with many Palestinian civilians dying or being injured, with the Israeli Prime Minister stating he was not going to stop responding forcefully. Celebrations erupted after Israel called ceasefire on the conflict between them and Hamas, but later on airstrikes and launches continued. Schools in Gaza have been turned into shelters and President Biden has given Prime Minister Netanyahu a deadline call for de-escalation measures. Aid has begun to reach Gaza. 


Bomb Attack at Kabul School

An attack with a bombs hit a girl’s school in Kabul, Afghanistan on the tenth of May, killing 85 people and injuring 147 people at the least. No group has claimed responsibility for the brutal attack and the Taliban has denied such responsibility. 


More Resistance in Myanmar 

The army of Myanmar is continuing to fight anti-coup groups in towns rebelling the coup. Civilians are continuing to be killed and injured, with protesting still going on. Moreso, the junta has imposed martial law and protested are now considered “armed terrorists”, only causing violence to escalate further. 


Italy wins the Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest, an international song contest consisting of representatives from primarily European countries, broadcasted on May 18th. Fans were incredibly happy it was taking place after last year’s contest was unfortunately cancelled. Organizing for the contest was extremely successful in the pandemic times, making sure it reached the same level as previous years while still keeping attendees safe. After a incredible evening, the Italian representatives were the winners. They were represented by the rock band, Måneskin consisting of lead vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio. They won with the song Zitti E Buoni.