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Editor’s Letter

The year of 2020 was one that made history with the amount of world-changing events that dawned upon us. Now, within the first month of 2021, we can see a similar pattern of breaking news and flashing headlines. From the continuation of the global pandemic to the eventful US presidential inauguration, this month has been anything but tame. Our second round of remote learning at CIS and current lockdown is still in occurrence, which is testing our strength mentally and physically. However, we are keeping our hopes up and our spirits thriving. Ringing in the new pandemic year comes with new challenges, resolutions, friendships and projects. To bring awareness to global or school-news, inspire conversation  and do something new, we have set out to create a CIS school newspaper, aimed primarily at high school students. Providing something to look forward to and to take your mind off of this overwhelming pandemic period is vital to us. With only five of us, creating the beginning of something as big as this was hard work, but something that brought joy to us as a team. As we can see from the daunting previous year, the support and kindness of others around you can prove to be something very valuable. In a time where the very foundation of the way we live our lives is tested, reaching out with kindness may seem like a small act but it is quite the opposite. So, as we continue learning and living remotely, dedicate yourself to something you enjoy and continue to act with kindness. 

Editor Freya Constable