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Current Billboard News

By Hope Daniels, GRADE 9                                      

Staying at home during quarantine, you have a lot of time to spare if that is when you are waiting for your classes or working on assignments. This is where people find music helpful because it makes it a little less boring, quiet and sad. 

Listening to music actually improves physical work and performance, so you can listen to your favorite songs and also improve your grades all at the same time. While listening to music it boosts your mood and makes you happy, because your brain produces oxytocin which is a hormone that makes you happier.

Here are some of the albums and songs at the top of the Billboards this January month for you to listen to on your afternoon walk, in between classes or rocking out in your room.  


Los Vas A Olvidar

by Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA



by Travis Scott



by BTS


Therefore I Am                     

by Billie Eilish                                  



by Ariana Grande



By Harry Styles                                                              



By Ariana Grande


Midnight Sky 

By Miley Cyrus


drivers license                                                                                            

by Olivia Rodrigo 


Blinding Lights      

by the Weeknd 


Better Together

by Luke Combs



by Megan Thee Stallion                                                       



by CJ  


Save Your Tears

by The Weeknd