Gå til indhold

Getting here

Our community

We are easy to access using any means of transportation

The sustainable, Danish way: Bicycling

There is a bike path on Sundkrogsgade/Stubbeløbgade to school.

Bus service

Our bus service is for students of grade 1-10. We walk students to the parking lot at the end of the school day at 15.30 to make sure that they get on the bus. The bus drives students to their separate homes. See our prices under Join usJoin us.

Metro station Orientkaj

The metro stop is 100 meters from school.

Train station Nordhavn
We are located 15 minutes’ walk from the station.


Bus stop Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade): Bus #164 from Hellerup St 

Please note: The parking lot is public, and charges apply.

Car traffic issues

The roads around school are currently undergoing development and so it is important to take care when driving. If you have questions related to traffic near campus, please contact Copenhagen Municipality.

Go native: Bicycling is sustainable, healthy and very Danish
Safe and easy, especially for younger children: Try our bus service
Also easy and sustainable: Public transportation