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Art Camp (age 8-12)

Discover your creativity and express yourself in a fun environment
Under the guidance of professional teaching, young artists will explore a variety of mediums in the visual arts while developing long lasting friendships and having fun.

Students will be welcome to play and experiment as much as possible creating their own style including drawing, painting, simple printmaking and recycled waste sculptures.

Anyone can have a go regardless of experience, it’s a fun to create and experience many different art media. Come with an open mind and a lust for creative output, you’ll be sure to enjoy. Our activities will include:

Sketching, colour mixing techniques and colour theories, water colours, simple printmaking techniques, 3D recycled waste sculptures, plaster work, charcoal work, pastels, along with a great introduction to hand building clay with teaching you simple pinching, coiling, slab building and press moulds, slip and score techniques. Accommodating complete beginners and more experienced students. A fun-filled workshop helping students get a feel for many art materials, a little snippet into the wonderful world of Visual Art.

Teacher: Fiona Robinson