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Goals 2020-21 

The Director, Sandy Mackenzie, may receive up to 84.000DKK in bonus payment for the school  year 2020-2021, based on performance towards achievement of the following goals. The Board  will evaluate the achievement of each goal in June 2021, through the collection of evidence and  feedback from a variety of stakeholders as well as through survey data, and award the  

associated bonus, in part or in full, accordingly. 

Operationalising the strategic plan objectives (award up to 30%) 

The twelve objectives of the first year of the strategic plan are actioned and achieved. 

Student progress (award up to 20%) 

It is clear that students across the school are making significant academic progress and  experiencing educational excellence. 

The IB Diploma results of the Class of 2021 show a 90%+ pass rate and an average Diploma  score of above world average. 

Organisational culture (award up to 20%) 

Through collaboration with key stakeholders, including the consultant engaged to analyse the  organisational culture at a deeper level, the Director ensures that there is improvement in the  organisational culture and satisfaction level among staff. 

Tools to be used to evaluate this goal will be based on survey(s) as well as qualitative feedback  from staff. 

The question of “would you receommend others to apply for a job at CIS” shows an  improvement in the past year. 

Leadership development (award up to 15%) 

The Director develops the leadership capacity within the school, including on the Tactical Team.  The Director provides feedback to direct reports, manages performance and identifies areas for  development and leads making improvements through coaching, recruiting and developing. The parent satisfaction survey shows that parents continue to have trust in the Principals’  responsible leadership of the school with an average score >4.0. 

Stakeholder engagement (award up to 15%) 

Stakeholders in the school such as the Board, staff, PTA, parents and local community have  trust in the leadership of the school, are engaged with the school and receive consistently high  quality communication. 

Through changes in the local and global environment, due to COVID-19 and other challenges,  the Director displays strong leadership and ensures steady communication to stakeholders. The parent satisfaction survey demonstrates continued trust in the Director’s responsible  leadership of the school through an average score >4.0. 

The survey shows that parents would recommend CIS as a school to other parents with an  average score >4.0.