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We want to welcome you and keep everyone safe

Please respect our 14-days quarantine policy if you are coming from a country that has issues

Why 10 days quarantine is safer than a negative COVID-19 test

Our school nurse, Health Care Professional Charlotte Zeeberg, explains why we have a 10 day quarantine policy and why a negative COVID-19 test is not sufficient.

The country you are coming from has no issues with COVID-19?

Please check the link to your right to see if the country you just left or spent your holiday in is currently considered open or banned by the Danish authorities.

If you are returning to Denmark from a country or region that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against visiting due to Covid-19 the school requires 10 days of self-isolation after returning to Denmark. If you obtain a negative test result at the earliest on the fourth day after entry into Denmark then you are not required to self isolate for 10 days. The results of the test must be shared with the office-coordinator as well as the school health nurse before returning to school.

  • If the country you came from is considered “open”, you do NOT have to quarantine.
  • If the country you came from is considered “banned”, you MUST stay away for 10 days before coming to our school.

Please note! The national health authorities are updating the list of open and “banned” countries continually, so please double-check the list on the day you plan to enter our campus. If the country you are coming from has changed status from “open” to “Banned” you need to quarantine for 10 days upon entering Denmark.