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William tells us how he got an academic scholarship

“There is quite a lot of work put into it, but while doing it, you realize that it's not just about your academics, although that's the name of it; your extracurriculars come into play and you have to show what your personality is like in the interview.”

Was there a particular reason why you chose CIS?
“CIS has always been my first option, because it's quite close to where I live. Also people from my school who graduated in 2020 went to CIS and said it was good.”

“I like that there is a range of subjects to choose from and of course all the ones that I wanted to do, like biology, physics and maths. And also that there is a big focus on sports at the school, with many different sports teams which is also quite important to me. That's what attracted me. I play volleyball pretty seriously, but I also play football and basketball for fun.”

How are you settling in?
“I think the school is really nice. Everyone is very open and I think it's partially attributed to the fact that it's an international school, so people come and go all the time. They are used to having to integrate new people. It's really welcoming.“

Any tips for other applicants?
“I think it's important to plan in the years beforehand. I always knew I wanted to apply to CIS. And to get in, I knew I had to try extra hard. So that's one thing, but also it is important to be honest in the interview and not put on a façade. That makes it a lot easier because you come with natural answers instead of ones you planned in your head.”

“I think it's worth applying for, even if you don't get it because it's overall pretty pleasant and a good experience to be competitive and to practice your skills. Obviously you are going to have to apply to a range of places like when you go to university or apply for a job. I would recommend it to anybody.”

Any plans for the future?
“I'm not sure, but I think I want to go to another country. I really like different cultural aspects. I don't know exactly what I want to study yet. I need to figure that out and then I can look for opportunities.”

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