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International Mother Language Day is February 21st, but we speak 60 languages every day

You may have noticed translations of our manifesto appearing in the entrance area, where they can be viewed from both inside and the outside?

According to our database, our community speaks 60 languages, so we’re curious to see how many translations we’ll get.

If you and your family want to be part of this project, too, you could translate our manifesto into your home language and send your translation to cis@cis.dk, and we’ll make sure it gets laid out, printed and hung. Here’s the original manifesto in English and the translations we have so far.

And here are the translations we have so far.

Mandarin is China’s official language and its written form has roots 3,500 years back.

Turkish has lots of words from Arabic, Persian and French

Hungarian is extremely complicated, but that give Jazmin a lot of joy.

Lithuanian is a proto-Indo-European language.

Swedish is just across the sound. Find out why it’s spelled Øresund in Denmark and Öresund in Sweden.

Portuguese is spoken in both Portugal and Brazil – read our interviews with Cristina and Urania and find out what the most important differences are.

Which Hebrew manifesto did we choose? The way Hebrew is gendered meant we had to make some tough decisions.


Can you “do the right thing” in Dutch? Do you need to master your own language in order learn a new language? And how many languages does Ineke, our Primary School Admin Coordinator speak?

Maria’s Spanish (Castilian) manifesto and reflections: “Your own language can make you feel like home”

Punjabi is the 10th most common language spoken in the world. Find our more.

5 of our students speak Macedonian, and one Macedonian family translated our manifesto to Macedonian, for which we are very grateful.

Hakuna matata, we now have a Swahili translation of our manifesto! (Yes, “hakuna matata” actually does mean “no worries”). Swahili is the official language of Tanzania and Kenya and is widely spoken in many East African countries.

Poornima, the mother of Tejas and Rohan in Grade 3 and 6, translated our manifesto to Hindi and give us an insightful overview of the Indian linguistic landscape: Hindi, English and 21 other Indian languages that are official, 121 languages spoken by more than 10,000 people plus 19,500 dialects spoken in India. Wow!

For the Korean version of our manifesto, we managed to get an interviewee with Minhee, mother of Yoonjae and Minjae, Grade 1 and 3, who took time to translate our manifesto to Korean and share a lot of interesting facts about the Korean language and alphabet with us. Read the full interview here.

Head of Facilities and Security Kent presents the Greek translation of our manifesto done by his Greek wife (in the photo he is holding)

Serbian, in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, presented by, respectively, Athletic Coordinator Todor and Physical Plant Manager Zlatko