Gå til indhold

February 21st 2021 was International Mother Language Day 2021, but we speak 60 languages every day

Students in Early Years and Primary School and their parents may have noticed translations of our manifesto appearing in the entrance area, so they can be viewed from the outside, too. According to our database, our community speaks 60 languages, so we’re curious to see how many translations we’ll get.

If you and your family want to be part of this project, too, you could translate our manifesto into your home language and send your translation to Head of Community Relations Ida S, who’ll make sure it gets laid out, printed and hung. Here’s the original manifesto in English.



Serbian, in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, presented by, respectively, Athletic Coordinator Todor and Physical Plant Manager Zlatko

Head of Facilities and Security Kent presents the Greek translation of our manifesto done by his Greek wife (in the photo he is holding)