Gå til indhold

Our Primary School students have adapted to a new norm in which we try to prevent pandemics. They have come up with business ideas that are future-proof.

Irma’s Vet

“I chose this because I want to be a vet. Vets are like doctors for animals. They are a service that animals need. I would make sure that the vets wear gloves, that there is a lot of hand washing and that only 10 animals come into the vet at a time.”

Christopher’s Pizza Van

“I love pizza. I chose to make it a pizza van, so people don’t have to come inside to eat. I can make the pizza at a lower price, because there are so many pizza places around. As well as pizza, people can buy Milo (an Australian drink) donuts, muffins, and cold drinks. I would have planks spaced out so customers keep the distance, I would have a plastic screen to protect me and I would wear gloves too. People can pay with a card, mobile pay or cash.”

Olivia’s Mix and Match Drink Stand

“I chose to have drinks, because you can mix and match drinks to fit with the seasons. So customers could have hot coco on cold, winter days and cold lemonade in spring and summer. I chose a stand and not a restaurant so that people can sit outside and have plenty of space. I would put tape for people so they know where to queue with the 1.5m distance and I would have hand sanitiser.”

Mad’s Freddy Fazbear Rockstar Pizzaria

“It is so fun to have a cool place for birthdays and have yummy food! There would be pizza, games, arcade games, plushies, a prize corner, a supply closet, birthday hats, and also animatronics. These would all be cleaned after every party.”

Anna’s Sushi Pushi

“I love sushi and I would definitely order it. In Sushi Pushi, you can make an order on an iPad and then collect it from the train. There is rainbow sushi and gummy sushi for dessert. There would be hand sanitisers and 1.5m distance between customers.”

Andreas’ The Beast Shop

“I really like pancakes! My neighbour makes them and invites me to eat them. They make them with lots of different flavours and this inspired me for my business. In my pancake restaurant, there would be a maximum of 25 customers at a time, 1.5m distance and also hand sanitisers at the tables.”