Gå til indhold

“They were to put their identity into a suitcase,” art teacher Fiona says. “I also gave them the chance to use a memory or an experience if they struggled too much.”

The Middle School identity assemblage project

“At the beginning we did a lot about identity, what it means: We watched Taiye Selasi’s ‘Don’t ask me where I am from, ask me where I am local’. From that they really got to think about what makes me who I am: Is it about being local, the things I’m picking up, is that what’s forming me as an individual, rather than necessarily where I was born or where my parents come from?

And I introduced them to Joseph Cornell, who is famous for making assemblages. I like the way he arranges the objects, and that got them thinking about the visual element of it, how the objects are arranged, is there a color scheme, the actual container itself.

I suppose with my work I am always trying to make connections with things that they can relate to now, so they can see something that inspires them.”

Well, dear Fiona, it seemed to work just fine.

“I wanted to keep the memory of the Danish life. I am gonna miss it.”

“Every time I go to a new country or I go back to my home country Italy, I find it interesting how the supermarkets are different, how the shelves are arranged and what other products they sell.” Read Emanuela’s full story here.

Bron titled his assemblage “Me”

“I am from England although I haven’t lived in England at all. I lived for France for 10 years before we moved here. I titled my suitcase Me, because these are all objects I find in some way are important to me. Get the whole story here.

Jennifer misses her grandpa and recreates his house

“My suitcase is my grandpa’s house.” What is Jennifer’s message for him if he sees this post? “I really liked your house and I think I might have a blue house too when I grow older.” Read the full story here.

Filip’s grand tour in a suitcase

“When I was 10, we took an 8-week trip to the USA. The journey unlocked a whole new world for me. A lot of the things that I think about now or have now come from that trip in the US.” Read the full interview here.

Adiya presents “Living Out of A Suitcase”

“I decided to make my suitcase about travelling because it has been a big part of my life. I never experienced living in my own culture, we always move every two years. I put a clock because time is something I really care about. Because I get friends, but I know we’re gonna move at some point so I have limited time to spend with them.” Read the full interview here.

Robert’s assemblage contains all his favorite things

“I just love antiques, that’s why I have all these weird trinkets. I like how antiques tell a story, how they tell about the past. I always liked history and usually something will reflect its own history, for example a coin from the war era might be made of aluminum. Or the binoculars will be worn where they were held.” Get the full picture here.

Alice shares a memory through art

“I was in the hospital when I was four. I still remember it, like the night sky and I was lying on the bed. These are some gifts, like the horses. I was really into horses back then. I would collect anything that looked interesting to me, like the boxes here. Here’s the bed, that’s where I’d usually stay and look outside the window. And then there’s the background on top, that is the sky. Get the full story here.