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“As part of the unit called 'Sharing the Planet’ children inquired about animals and their habitats,” Early Years teacher Rachel explains

Our Early Years class are loving their habitats unit

“The children were very lucky to have seagulls hatch their eggs on the roof garden, so they were able to use binoculars to observe and investigate how they fed and grew. It was a very unique and fascinating way for the children to learn and begin this unit of work.”

After that this lucky kick-off, the class investigated the habitats of different animals in a more systematic way. “Children chose different habitats such as the Arctic, Antarctica, African savannah, rainforests, and oceans and found out what animals lived there, what they ate and what they needed to survive,” Rachel explains. “The class also looked at how humans are responsible for the protection of these different habitats.” 

Luca and the savannah

“My favourite habitat is the African savannah because my favourite animals live there. They need food and water.”

Anushka and the Arctic

“My favourite habitat is the Arctic because at night there are colours in the sky. The animals need fish and a place to live. We must not do pollution.”

Parth and the rainforest

What habitat did you choose? “A cave because it has lots of tigers. They need water and food. We must not throw rubbish in the water and we must not cut the horns from elephants.”

Itamar and the savannah

“I like the African savannah because my favourite animal lives there, the Cheetah. They need water, space, friends and food and we can help them by not cutting trees.” 

Marta and the Arctic

“I love the Arctic because they have igloos and polar bears. They need air, water, trees and food. If the sea was in danger me and my friends would tidy up the rubbish.”

Cara and the Arctic

“The Arctic is my favorite because it has polar bears. They swim and eat fish. There is lots of ice and they have soft skin. We can help polar bears by giving them food.”